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Old 07-12-2011, 05:37 PM
MrJohnsonsRib MrJohnsonsRib is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

Originally Posted by shortdub78 View Post
i am going back to cowashing weekly and i decided to use one product line. my hair doesn't care for glycerin too much, but prefers other humectants, like soy wax or different veggie waxes. i can't use water based sprays too much. they cause mushy hair and throws my hair's moisture balance off. i am going to try some shampoo bars to see if that helps with the cleansing process. i have decided to find products with no cones that will provide the slip and softness i need. i shampooed my hair this past weekend and it has taken a lot to get it back soft again.

also, i know nobody is a fan of this, but i like oily, greasy soft hair. my hair does a lot better when i can feel the product. it acts as a barrier of protection to prevent dryness.

Maybe this is why my hair acting crazy with this glycerin. I mean when I was back home in Fl my Care Free Curl activator I bought soaked up the humidity BUT back in Nebraska it aint workin. I just think my hair may need those other humectants you suggested such as soy wax? (never heard of that) and the veggie waxes...(never heard of that either) Lol! I mean it may be worth a shot. I do think thicker things like castor oil and butters just may better seal in moisture because thin oils like Jojoba and Coconut are good but not for long.
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Old 07-12-2011, 07:19 PM
keepithealthy keepithealthy is offline
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Post Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

Originally Posted by MrsHdrLe View Post
I think understand what you're asking OP. I think in general, you want to know what properties in highly textured or afro hair makes it stiff ("grow out" instead of down), hold it's style and not blow in the wind, that kind of behavior.
What I have discovered though is that may be a myth for some naturals b/c once they find their perfect moisture and health levels, they experience shinier, swingier (if that's a word), and bouncier hair.
This is true. Over the past few months I have just focused on keeping my hair moisturized and now I feel I am reaping the benefits. My hair used to be dry stiff and hard all the time. Now my hair is mostly soft. I have found that Dc'ing 1-2x's a week and co-washing helps when my hair is loose. When I know I'm not going to wet my hair for 1-2 weeks (twists); I make sure to use a good creamy leave in. My hair is thanking me for the moisture.

Originally Posted by Damaged but not out View Post
Your roots are dry after you DC and moisturise? But not after you shampoo?

I've never had this problem, but if it was my ends I would first do a super DC like the caramel treatment. See how my hair reacts then up my moisturising DCs, change some things product wise ,add some oils especially some ceramides to my wash and daily routine.

Maybe try some oil rinses, oil your scalp after washing.......I'm out of suggestions.

Hope that helps.
I luuuuuuuuuuuurve the caramel treatment it leaves me with soft hair for days!! I also like to add EVOO or EVCO to my dc's it works great.
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nisemac (07-12-2011)
Old 07-12-2011, 07:51 PM
Lady S's Avatar
Lady S Lady S is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

If I don't put it into twists, coils, or braids, then it comes out stiff. I figured it was just part of having 4a hair. Maybe something about the structure of it when it's not stretched in some way?

Picture courtesy of cuteoverload.com
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MzSwift (07-12-2011)
Old 07-12-2011, 08:00 PM
lilyofthenile lilyofthenile is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

Dryness makes my hair feel very stiff. A proper moisture regimen should solve it.
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keepithealthy (07-12-2011)
Old 07-12-2011, 08:20 PM
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MzSwift MzSwift is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

IA w/Lady S. My hair has felt much softer since I started keeping it braided.

I wash and dry braided. Once it's almost dry, I M&S.

Bye natty hair, we had a good run!
Texlaxed, April 2014
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Lady S (07-12-2011)
Old 07-12-2011, 08:26 PM
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TopShelf TopShelf is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

My hair was its best when i used to two strand twist with sebastians molding mud and when it was dyed (don't aske me why). i would wash weekly, dc under the dryer, blow dry and then twist. I'd leave the twists in for about a week (maybe take them out in 5 days) and then start all over. I just ordered a steamer and I am going back to two strands with the sebastians mud.
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Old 07-12-2011, 08:43 PM
DaiseeDay DaiseeDay is offline
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Could it be too much protein?

If it is you need to cut back on protein, especially in deep conditioners and leave-ins and go for products that contain humectants and give a lot of moisture. Some people are protein sensitive, and too much can make your hair feel hard. I used to do only do protein treatments and all my conditioners were protein heavy - I didn't think my hair was stiff or anything, but once I started cutting back on protein and added lots of moisture and humectants my hair started feeling softer.
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Kindheart (07-13-2011)
Old 07-12-2011, 08:52 PM
Aine Aine is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

My hair gets dry, rough, and stiff ONLY when I use protein, especially the hydrolized ones. Even mayo and eggs leave my hair dry and stiff as a rock. I avoid most proteins because of this.

Also, I stay away from silicones, mineral oil, petroleum, and I don't use any oils (however light) solo to seal my hair. All this will lead to buildup and eventual dryness. Mineral oil/petroleum and silicones will do it very quickly, but even sealing my hair twice a week with an oil will result in dryness.

Most shampoos, even non-sulfate ones, are too stripping on my hair and no amount of conditioning will bring that moisture/protein balance back quickly. I either water down my sulfate free shampoos or make sure to do a pre-poo treatment beforehand.

Finding which products/ingredients moisturize and soften your hair will also help. My hair loves butters (especially whipped!) but balks at oils unless they are mixed with something that isn't an oil; prefers aloe vera juice over water; and doesn't like most humectants. I also learned that my hair soaks up the most moisture when lightly damp, but not soaking wet or even overnight. When I stopped DCing weekly and started using a very good avj/water/shea butter leave in on dampened hair nightly, my hair softented immediately and retained moisture.
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Kindheart (07-13-2011)
Old 07-13-2011, 03:54 AM
Bublin Bublin is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

Can you ladies then recommend some moisturising, non-protien leave-in's i can use.
I'm using either Cantu or Giovanni. Are they both high in protien?

Also i am in need of a moisturiser to use when my hair is dry.
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Old 07-13-2011, 06:53 AM
Kindheart's Avatar
Kindheart Kindheart is offline
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Default Re: What causes natural hair to be stiff?

too much Proteins,silicones,glycerin,wax,carbomer ,palm,coconut and soy oil make my hair really dry and stiff.
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MzSwift (07-13-2011)


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