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This LHCF blog will have just about everything. Thoughts, goals, updates, etc
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On Wednesday I turned 20....

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Posted 12-28-2008 at 08:42 PM by cutiebe2
Updated 12-28-2008 at 10:19 PM by cutiebe2

I remember that when I joined this board I was 17 and I said I wanted to be "that girl" by the time I was 21. So I guess I have 360 days left!!!!
My goals were to:
  • loose weight (20 pounds)
  • have BSL hair
  • hair great skin (face and body)
  • have a healthy diet (slightly raw?)
  • have a great attitude (LOA)
  • be progessing in my profession and personal life
Here is my plan for 2009:

1. Use BT/Megatek/Bee Mine/ MN: I know it sounds like a lot but I plan on using BT/Bee Mine (when my bottle of BT runs out) daily, and Megatek 4x a week, usually just before I wash. I will use MN nightly

2.DC 2x per week: Doing this has really increased the health of my hair. The only time I won't do this is in the summer when I will do co-washing.

3.Work on my edges: I have a serious hand in hair problem which is ruining my edges. I am going to use silk/atin headbands on my edges so that I cannot play with them. I will also use Castor oil, MT, Bee mine, etc to make them thick

4.Ayurvedic haircare: I don't use commerical products anymore. I use either Hairveda or my homemade stuff. So I am starting Henna, Tea Rinses, Pre-poo with Amla, and Rhassoul. Just keeping it simple, but hoping this leads to healthier hair

5. Healthy diet: This connects to my diet improvements but hopefully diet will help my hair. I want to drink at least 70oz of water a day. I also want to drink the ACV tea mixture 3x per day. I started drinking the ACV mixture in Nov (just in the morning) and I really like it. I probably will had green/white tea to my list of daily drinks. Green smoothies are great too

5.Vitamins. I have tons of vitamins that I have not used since I fell of my vit regimen. I have B-100, Biotin, MSM, organic prenatals, Iron, and some bluegreen algae. I will use this all up! Most of it should be done by March

I am two inches shy of full APL (just touching APL now) and hope to be full BSL my December 2009.
*I have not used heat besides my heating cap in 3 years but I will straighten for the first time in June*
Challenges: 2009 Bootcamp, 12 in 12

1. Clarisonic- I want to use this to get my skin in shape
3. Baking soda scrub- all natural, I like these. Will do them 2x per week
4. Lactic acid peel- I want to do these for a while to get rid of the hyperpigmentation I have. Its not severe so I should be able to see some results
5. Clinique- I tried OCM and it didn't seem to work too well. I like Clinique and will continue to use it


1.70% raw. I have tried aspects of raw in the past and I really like green smoothies. As the year goes on I will be increasingly raw

2. Colonix: Over the summer I will do 2 months of Colonix. I did it two summers ago and the shocking stuff that came out made me want to do it more (I don't want all that junk in me!!! eww!!)

3. Water!!!! I love water but I don't drink it enough. The more you drink water the more you develop you bodys thirst radar. So instead of just feeling hungry you body will tell you when your thirsty. Now I crae water all the time hehe. I just need to drink 70-80oz per day for hair and body health

4.Loose 20 pounds. I need to get back in the gym and loose weight. My healthy eating should help this. I will develop a better workout routine later


1. I really like LOA so I will focus on it more this year. My first step is to read a LOA book, which I will do by the middle of January

2. Keep adding to my vision board.

Professional and Personal life

I'm in college right now so I want to make Dean's list (pray!!) and make connections that will help me on my career path. Right now my goal is to get a great internship over the summer and go to Haiti.

Personal life: I want to be in a relationship by the end of 2009. LOA will play a role in this.

I will update quaterly, just like the 2009 bootcamp. I hope to make some great changes in 2009! I am also having a series of surgeries. I already had one and I will be having another soon. I am not worried as I know this will greatly improve my health, but I just want to move on and heal.. I will try to post often because I like the idea of a LHCF blog!
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  1. New Comment
    I'm rooting for you girl!! I'm also 20, and I'm making big changes come 2009, Good luck!
    Posted 12-28-2008 at 09:13 PM by new-life new-life is offline

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