View Full Version : Tiffany and Taxco Sterling Silver

Belle Du Jour
06-30-2006, 07:13 PM
Is it true that Taxco is affiliated with Tiffany? Years ago when I bought a toggle necklace from Taxco, the salesperson told me that I was essentially buying the same necklace that Tiffany's sells (without the word Tiffany around the toggle) and said they were the same store (like Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy are all under the same company). I was like okay, whatever and never thought about it again. Today I was shopping on the Tiffany website and noticed that they sell the necklace that I bought years ago without the "Return to Tiffany" engraving that I've seen other people wear. I always saw people with the engraved ones and assumed they were the authentic necklaces. One rude woman had the nerve to flip the charm on my necklace over to confirm that it wasn't from Tiffany!

So I called to confirm that they don't sell an engraved toggle necklace or toggle bracelet. So that reminded me of what the salesperson said; is it true that the jewelry that they sell at Taxco and Tiffany are related?

06-30-2006, 08:55 PM
TIffany & Co. is one of the few companies that doesn't have subsidiaries. So it's not related to Taxco....you know some sales people will say anything to get that sale :lol: :lol: