View Full Version : Lounge Attire....help me!

04-28-2010, 06:16 PM
Its been a long time since I've had a night out. A few friends and I have plans to attend a 21 and over lounge/bar this weekend but I'm clueless on what to wear. Can you ladies help me out??

04-28-2010, 06:22 PM
No one really dresses up these days (unfortunately).

I'd suggest platform, open-toe heels, skinny jeans (make sure the shoe color compliments them, not contrast too much), and a cute top (maybe like a tunic or something flowy. Silk camisoles are cute, too.)

04-28-2010, 08:51 PM
You are so right. Thanks for the suggestions.

04-28-2010, 09:24 PM
I agree a soft flowing summer top nice jeans and heels,something comfortable but sexy. The days of dressing up are over,unfortunately.

04-28-2010, 09:33 PM
It depends on where you are.... I would not dress down. If I wasn't sure, I'd dress up but not overly dressed.

04-29-2010, 11:41 AM
I'd go for a dress...why look like everyone else that doesn't dress up?!?!?! You should set yourself apart.

If you want to dress it down, then wear a dress with flats.

05-03-2010, 08:29 PM
Thanks for the ideas ladies.

05-03-2010, 11:06 PM
i agree, if you want to fit in, it depends on your location. i dunno about TX; in LA all the women wear dresses; in the southeast it's jeans, heels, & a nice top. wear something nice that you think is pretty / sexy/ cool! :) oh and maybe post it here for us to see :)