View Full Version : i guess i will just have ADMIT IT then...ummmm...

09-01-2008, 09:47 PM
don't talk about me, but i'm kind of a purseholic of sort.

what i mean specifically is, if a handbag is not leather - REAL leather - i don't want to carry it. :nono:

it's so bad that, if given the choice between the two, i'd rather carry a knock off LEATHER bag than a fake leather no name one.:spinning: :look: messed up, huh?

now DON'T get me wrong, i have NO problem if other people carry fake leather bags and will even comment on them if it looks cute. it's a personal preference for me and what i like. it's just not my style.

i carried a bag over the summer that my friend bought for me. i did it because it was a gift, you know, and the bag looked good but i didn't like that it was not leather.

i don't know, i just love a leather bag.:lick:

i don't care if it's stella mccarthy, i don't do pvc, plastic handbags.

BUT i'm trying to get better at this.

one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is a fake patent leather handbag.

patent leather feels like soft butter. fake patent no matter how good it's done does not ever mimic that true patent lambskin feel and it stinks, imo. boooo!

so, i'm going to send my self to purse anonymous because ladylady just ain't carrying no fake leather handbag again for nobody.

ya'll pray for me.

anyone else not care for carrying a non-leather bag?

09-04-2008, 07:11 PM
There is nothing to change, act better about or apologise for. I, like you, only do leather. That includes footwear, belts and bags and jackets, skirts. PVC is a rip off. I remember back in the day leather bags were the price of PVC bags now. I don't care how 'hot' it looks I'm not having it. The only PVC 'bag' I have is a Ted Baker shopper. That I use to cut down on plastic bags on trips to the supermarket or carry food to work in.

I do the sniff test and if that fails always check inside for the label to see what its made of. I'm not paying £60 ($100) for no damn polyurethane. Not even a dollar. Luckily my sister and friends know my taste, and with my sis being a fashion buyer always brings me leather bags.

Don't even get me started on plastic shoes. Plus they are not good for your feet. I look after my feet and am not going to bugger up the health of them inna plastic shoe. Even my thong flip flop sandals have to be leather. I am a snob when it comes to things like that and don't care.

To be in 08 and say its hard to find leather bags n shoes what in the hell!!!!

To me leather = quality
Plastic does not

09-05-2008, 12:03 AM
I'd say I'm about 80% leather only - I have two bags that I love that are leather/nylon and leather/satin blends (one Hayden Harnett, one Botkier).

As for shoes, if they're not leather, and they're not casual flats or flip flops, you can pretty much forget it.