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09-21-2006, 03:07 PM
I copied this from another forum I visit a lot...what do you all think?

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In my church I have noticed a trend. There is a division between the formally educated members and the non educated members. This division shows up more in the administration of the church finances, church growth, marketing (outreach) etc...

The educated folks talk about the secular or business side of church administration being important for sustained success.

The uneducated talk about the Holy Spirit and Anointing being more important and have the “God will make a way mentality".

What I am seeing is that the non educated folks tend to excuse formal education as incidental.

Scenario 1. We have finance folks who say we should invest the churches money in various stocks and things of that nature. The non educated folks say "No we just trust God and don't get involved in the worlds systems" etc...

Scenario 2. Outreach vs. Marketing. The term marketing is thrown out because the non educated folks say “we are not selling God to people". The educated folks say “we are looking for ways to expose our church to a broader community base which by all terms is marketing".

Scenario 3. Music staff that is trained and can site read, chart sheet music, etc.... battle with the “by ear players" who often appear lazy and lacking in preparation. They are divided because the non trained feels the trained musicians think they are better and they trained musicians feel the untrained are lazy and will not apply themselves.

Education or learning is something we all can freely obtain. maybe not the piece of paper, which may cost, but the knowledge is out there and it's free. So why is there so much resentment for those of us who have it and try to apply it in the church. Why do those who don't have it knock those who took the time and energy to obtain it?

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09-21-2006, 03:19 PM
The key is Unity. For both are correct. The so called 'uneducated' (I don't like that term :( ) are correct but they need to refer to the word Jesus spoke of regarding the three 'Talents'.

The first two men who invested brought back a 'return' ... a profit.

The third hid/buried the money for fear that he would be at lost. The third person was considered 'wrong' and disobedient. For Jesus says we are to increase in wisdom.

Now the 'educated' (don't like this term either) are correct, however they need to operate by the Spirit of God to be lead in when and where to invest.

Bottomline: The Key to this is Unity. Where both come together and united both principles. For any 'House' divided shall not stand.

Scenario 3 - both need to blend.

Scenario 2: Much prayer and wisdom needs to be placed into and how and what is 'marketed.' For God does warn us that His house is a house of prayer;" It's not a den of thieves."

In this case, a separate business that the church owns outside, would be a wonderful place to earn money. A restaurant, sporting goods, bookstore, etc.

09-25-2006, 08:13 PM
I din't know what you meant by educated and uneducated.

I agree the Church needs unity we all have different gifts that can glorify God.

The body has many members. The body needs all members operating and functioning properly for the body to be healthy. If one is an accountant, I think he she would be good in planning the church budget. If one is a plumber, I think he she would do the curch good. If one is a roofer, if one is a planner, if one is a web designer, if one is a real estated agent ........ If one is a prayer warrior (who thinks they have no tangible skills) he she can pray that the others make wise decisions.

BTW we all should be praying that we glorify God in our gifts. Things should not be done for form or fashion. Unity is the key.

09-25-2006, 11:36 PM

I agree with your points. Sometimes I think saints feel intimidated due to a lack of education. I know my grandmother only went up to the 8th grade or so. At the same time, sometimes saints can flaut it around...but as u said, unity is the key. We should appreciate others...in the end, what will it mean? When we die, the education will not go with us to the grave...in the end, it's about relationship with Jesus....

09-26-2006, 06:21 AM
Great breakdown Zeal. I am so glad everyones tools and gifts are utilized at my church. Whoever heard of educated and uneducated Christians? :ohwell:
Wow that's too mega for me:( . I am sure God doesn't like that kinda reference or ideology in his house.